Saturday, September 5, 2015

Urban Network Conference U of C

Urban Network Conference
Local Area Processes: Theories, Methods and Models

Terry Clark talk on Scenes is at start of session II
Dan Silver talk on Back to Land, Onto the Scene begins at  19min 30  into the session
David Harding talk
Discussion of all three talks at end, with Q&A, etc. from about 1h16min.

Conference organized by TNC and others, with presentations on Scenes by Terry Clark and Dan Silver

Published on Oct 30, 2012
The University of Chicago's 2012 Urban Network Forum brought together sociologists, epidemiologists, psychologists, demographers, economists, and other social scientists. Participants discussed issues surrounding the relationship between social behavior and space, addressing the theoretical, methodological, and substantive questions surrounding what are broadly understood as local context effects.

The goal of this event was to identify some of the best models of processes of local contextual effects, assess how they complement each other, and advance the field through articulation and implementation of theory to integrate these with each other.

The conference was organized around four themes: theoretical perspectives, methodological perspectives, social and cultural mechanisms, and spatial and network mechanisms.

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University of Chicago

University of Chicago
Lawrence Rothfield, Dan Silver, Terry Nichols Clark