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Book  by Di Wu. The Research on Urban Residential Choice and Housing Price's Spatial Difference in China: Based on the Theory of Scenes [M]. Beijing: Economy & Management Publishing House. 2013. 07. ISBN: 7509625149. (in Chinese) (Awarded National Outstanding Post-doctoral Academic Achievement in China)

On Dropbox:   paper in English, Di WU, Jefferson MAO, Terry N. CLARK. The Influence of Regional Culture and Value in Sustainable Development of Chinese Urban Residential Choice [C]. 2011 International Conference on Management and Sustainable Development. 10.1109/ APPEEC. 2011. 5749091. (EI Index). 

Also  Chinese paper: Di WU, Peng GAO, Jichang DONG. Research for The Demand of Housing in Chinese Cities Based on The Theory of Scenes [J]. Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences. Vol. 31, No. 3(2011) 253-264. (In Chinese)
吴迪,高,董.基于景理的中国城市居住房地需求研究[J].科学与数学. 2011.31(03).253-264. (Chinese Name)

Tie Zhou, TNClark The New Political Culture in China,” Chinese journal article; English version

Jun Wu course on scenes in Beijing in preparation for a book and two papers in leading Chinese journals:

Jun Wu, The Latest Theoretical Paradigm of Urban Sociology: The Theory of Scene, The Academics, 2014.2

Jun Wu, The New Strategies for Action: Consumer City, Sociological Review of China, 2014.2

Scenes in Dalian, China by Chad Anderson illustrated with photographs and video and compared to Korea:

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